COMydAL Program

We are excited to welcome you to participate in the 1st World Congress on Controversies in MDS and AML (COMydAL), which will be held virtually over the days of September 22-23, 2022, in parallel with the 2022 IACH Meeting.

This inaugural program will bring to the forefront the latest and most controversial data and information in the field of MDS and AML, providing a unique opportunity for world-class leaders in the field to debate vital issues – thank you for joining!

All presentations indicated with * were available for on demand viewing only until Monday, October 3, 2022
Thursday, September 22, 2022
Co-chairs: Amer Zeidan, USA and Andrew Wei, Australia
13:15-13:25 Welcome Address
13:25-14:30 Session 1
Debate: Therapeutic decisions based on MRD in AML: Ready for prime time?
* Yes: Christopher Hourigan, USA
No: Christopher Gibson, USA
Case studies of MRD use for therapeutic decisions in AML: Andrew Wei, Australia
Panel discussion
14:30-15:35 Session 2
Debate: Which FLT3 inhibitor to use in frontline therapy in FLT3 mutated AML?
Midostaurin: Richard Stone, USA
Quizartinib: Harry Erba, USA
Case studies of FLT3 inhibitors in AML: Selina Luger, USA
Panel discussion
15:35-16:45 Session 3
Debate: Intensive chemotherapy or Ven-based lower intensity regimens for older FIT AML patients?
* Intensive chemo: Jessica Altman, USA
Non-intensive chemo: Nicholas Short, USA
Case studies: Can we cease VEN-AZA in patients in long-term remission? Chong Chyn Chua, Australia
Panel discussion
16:45-17:50 Session 4
Debate: Should we use maintenance therapy post allogeneic transplant in AML?
* Yes: Lohith Gowda, USA
No: Catherine Lai, USA
Case studies of how I use maintenance therapies post alloBMT in AML: Asmita Mishra, USA
Panel discussion
17:50-19:00 Session 5
Will immune checkpoint inhibition find a way in AML and MDS? Naval Daver, USA
Will CAR therapies find a way in AML and MDS? Monica Guzman, USA
Case studies: How I use immune therapies in AML and MDS: Ivana Gojo, USA
Panel discussion
19:00-20:15 Session 6
Debate: In 10 years we will cure most AML patients without transplant
*Yes: Tapan Kadia, USA
No: Gail Roboz, USA
* Case studies: How I decide on recommending alloBMT in AML: Michael Heuser, Germany
Panel discussion
Friday, September 23, 2022
Co-chairs: Amer Zeidan, USA and Valeria Santini, Italy
11:00-12:10 Session 7
Debate: Are we ready for clinical trials with triplets in HR-MDS?
* Yes: Uwe Platzbecker, Germany
No: Andrew Brunner, USA
Case studies: When do I use combination therapy in HR-MDS in my clinic? Amy DeZern, USA
Panel discussion
12:10-13:10 Session 8
Debate: Overall survival should be the basis of any approval in HR-MDS
Yes: Uma Borate, USA
No: Rory Shallis, USA
Case studies: How do I use “less than CR” responses in HR-MDS in my clinic to direct therapy: Anne Sophie Kubasch, Germany
Panel discussion
13:10-14:15 Session 9
Debate: Can observation be a good choice in some cases of higher risk MDS?
Yes: Valeria Santini, Italy
No: Pierre Fenaux, France
Case studies: How do I use observation in management of lower and higher risk MDS? Elizabeth Griffiths, USA
Panel discussion
Program pause
16:00-17:05 Session 10
Debate: Should we give HMA before alloBMT for HR-MDS with 5-9% blasts?
Yes: Maximilian Stahl, USA
No: Emanuele Angelucci, Italy
Case studies: Bridging therapy choices before alloBMT in HR-MDS: Hetty Carraway, USA
Panel discussion
17:05-18:05 Session 11
Debate: The primary risk stratification tool in MDS should become IPSS-M
Yes: Rafael Bejar, USA
No: Aziz Nazha, USA
Case studies: How do I use the different MDS stratification tools in my clinic: Aditi Shastri, USA
Panel discussion
18:05-19:15 Session 12
Debate: Why do we keep having failed phase 3 trials in HR-MDS?
Bad drugs: Steven Gore, USA
Bad trial designs: Mikkael Sekeres, USA
Overview of exciting drugs in lower and higher risk MDS: Amer Zeidan, USA
Panel discussion
Closing Remarks